Whether someone identifies themselves a clean freak or not, there is an undeniable satisfaction of having a clean and organized room. It has now even become a trend on the internet to show off well-organized office spaces, pristine kitchens, and other spotless living-spaces. But what makes clean and organized spaces so satisfying? The positive effect it has on the human mind is astounding.


Clean House, Healthy Body

It has been found that a clean house can lead to a healthier mind. A study conducted by Indiana University found that people with clean houses were healthier than people with messy places. The study factored in the physical health of individuals and found those with cleaner houses were more active and displayed better health. Other studies found that people with cleaner homes had more focus, had a better night’s sleep, stayed more in shape, and were less stressed. If you tend to clean more, you are likely better at setting goals for yourself, keeping organized and staying on task, and have a clearer mind than most. This all benefits physical and mental health.


Why Cleanliness is Difficult

Many people find it difficult to keep their home and workspace organized and clean. Most of the time this blamed on laziness, but it goes much deeper than that. Those who have difficulty with cleanliness often have trouble staying focused. They can’t find the time to organize their clutter with other responsibilities and tasks on their mind. With no time to clean up and de-clutter, people can easily get used to being messy and not remember how nice it feels to be more organized. Soon, their priorities no longer become staying tidy and organized. After a while, they don’t even realize the unorganized state of their living spaces.


How to Be and Stay Organized

There are simple ways to reorganize your home or workplace to become clean once again. Depending on the amount of clutter accumulated, it must be taken one step at a time. Often, when people try to clean everything all at once, the rooms or spaces will quickly go back to the messy state they were in before. Start off by dedicating a certain time of each day to cleaning and reorganizing. This will help form a habit of cleaning. It’s also good to use apps or cleaning blogs to learn new ways to stay organized.

Once cleanliness and organization become a habit and way of life, you will start to see a change in your mindset. Your mind will be clearer and it will become easier to complete other tasks in your life. Make sure to keep cleanliness a priority for a better and healthier way of living.