“There is a lesson in every opportunity. You just have to be open to receive it!”

– Rachel Krider

Rachel Krider is a public speaker, success coach, world traveler and mom. She is passionate about personal development and how it can transform every aspect of a person’s life. She knows it’s true because Rachel herself has done it!

Rachel Krider is an eternal student of self-education and attributes every level of her success to this investment. A true rags to riches story, she dropped out of high school and was struggling financially, but was determined to be successful. When a friend gifted her James Redfield’s psychological and spiritual novel “The Celestine Prophecy,” Rachel had an awakening and was inspired to pursue a career in the personal development business. Rachel continually worked on herself, realigned her mindset, got focused, improved her work ethic, never gave up, and continued to read as many personal development and self-help books she could get her hands on. 

In addition to “The Celestine Prophecy,” Rachel Krider is particularly fond of Jim Rohn’s “7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness” and Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich.” Other personal development authors she enjoys include Bob Proctor, James Redfield, Louise Hay, Oprah Winfrey, and Brian Tracy. With persistence and determination, Rachel learned from these successful people, and she turned her life around. Now, it’s AMAZING!

Rachel Krider always had an entrepreneurial spirit. However, the pairing of her passions with reading personal development books and succeeding in business led to astronomical success. Backed by her sales and marketing expertise, Rachel launched a business within the personal development industry and became a millionaire by 34. She’s since created wealth in every facet of her life.

Today Rachel and her husband Shane Krider, a fellow personal development coach, travel the world in luxury to speak about personal development and entrepreneurship. Other than traveling, Rachel and her husband created the Born to Prosper and Prosperity of Life networks, which has grown into a community of committed and empowered people. As the co-host of Born to Prosper’s “Mind Power” podcast, Rachel Krider provides entrepreneurship, self-help, personal development and success advice to her weekly podcast listeners so she can help uplift the spirits of men and women who are in the same position as she once was.

In addition to Mind Power, Rachel Krider and her husband recently launched “The Industry Insider,” which is a new show that will deliver valuable content for entrepreneurs. From practical business tips to personal development mindset coaching, this podcast is suitable for business owners or anyone who is looking to manage their daily life, including their job or even parental responsibilities, with more of an entrepreneurial approach.

Rachel Krider believes that what you believe, you can achieve. You really can design the life you want! She did, and now she finds joy and fulfillment helping others reach their success goals.

“I don’t want to look back and have regrets for things that I was too scared or too lazy to act on. One will either have the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”


– Rachel Krider

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