Most people have had a job where they did not like their boss. Either the boss was too hard on them, not supportive enough, or just not a good fit with their employees. Being in this position is frustrating, and many people dream of the day where they can leave their job behind. Although a majority of people do so by finding a new job, these are just a few benefits of venturing into the business world and becoming your own boss.

Fewer Style Conflicts

Even good managers can struggle with their employees when management style preferences do not match. A new employee may run into numerous problems with an uninvolved manager, while veteran employees can become annoyed by a constant managerial presence. As an entrepreneur, you will deal with this problem less-often, as the people you work with will largely be self-sufficient at first. As you grow your company and hire new people, this may change, but you should have the experience necessary to ensure your employees match your management style.

Setting Your Hours

When you have a boss, you rely on them to set your working hours. A large amount of full-time employees will have set hours, but some hourly employees may be scheduled more or less often than they desire. Mandatory overtime or cut hours can drastically affect a person’s lifestyle, but this problem is virtually eliminated when you are your own boss. Sure, you may need to work specific hours in order to accomplish certain tasks, but ultimately, when you work is entirely your call.

Always Informed

Have you ever been in a position where your manager made a decision that made no sense? Most of the time, managers have their reasons, but may not communicate them to their team. As the boss, you have access to all information about your company, which means you will never be in the dark again.

Create A Positive Culture

Whether you are a standalone employee or have 100 people on staff, your company will have a culture. You now have the opportunity to define expectations and values for your business, which will have an impact at every level. Company culture is a huge factor that determines employee retention and happiness, so it is great to have the ability to build it from the ground up.

Although being your own boss is not easy, it is rewarding and provides numerous benefits. The aforementioned four are only the beginning, and any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you that going back to an office job seems impossible now. Next time you daydream about leaving your position, consider whether the benefits of working for yourself are too good to resist.