In his recent work on tips to be more efficient in 2018, Brian Tracy talks about discipline, self-evaluation, decluttering and setting goals. The renown personal success trainer has experience of over 35 years in developing and training individuals and organizations. The highly-sought-after motivational speaker is the president of three companies in California and the founder, CEO, and chairperson of Brian Tracy International, which was founded in 1984.

A Quest for Success and Achievement

The father of four is committed to helping individuals achieve their goals swiftly and smoothly. Brian has vast experience in investment, importation, syndication, sales, real estate development, marketing, and business consultation. Tracy has worked in over 100 countries and consulted for over 1,000 companies. The Canadian-born author was the COO of a multi-million dollar development company before launching his coaching company.

Famed Author

Brian Tracy has written over 70 books which are available in over ten languages. “Eat That Frog” is one of his New York Times Best Selling Books. Other books include “Million Dollar Habits” and “No Excuses – The Power of Self Discipline.” He has more than 300 video and audio learning books with “Psychology of Achievement” as a best-seller across the globe.

An Influential Orator

Brian Tracy is celebrated worldwide for his powerful and influential talks. Over the years, he has held more than 5,000 seminars and lectures in 67 countries. Many corporations seek him for coaching about professional development. In a corporate setting, he covers topics such as strategy, success psychology, leadership, self-esteem, goals, and creativity. These talks have been proven to bring changes and positive long-term results.

Individuals seek Brian’s guidance in matters such as personal development, time management, public speaking, business training, book writing, leadership training, and sales training. The success expert has many mentees that are entrepreneurs, authors, and corporate executives.

Life Changing Experience

Currently, the legendary entrepreneur is running a twelve-month mentorship experience. The one-on-one coaching program fast-tracks mentees’ success to give them a high-performance living. It is custom-made to meet the unique needs of every participant.

Brian Tracy is a formidable role model who has dedicated his time and resources to ensure people live their lives to the fullest, by generating money and being happy. His record of success speaks for itself because, after talks and coaching, participants lives are never the same again.