Everyone has heard of the term “Keeping up with the Joneses.” What minimalism is is a contrast to that way of life, a life against consumerism, a life for actually consuming the least things possible and living life simply. How many times have you been bombarded by ads everything, or by seven different styles of toothpaste at the store, and started to wonder whether it’s worth it? Well, trying minimalism might be for you. Here are some benefits of starting the minimalist lifestyle:

Less stress, more financial freedom. Less stress taking care of your “stuff,” fewer things to pay for, fewer things to worry about, less space is taken up where you live. A less cramped living space makes it seem wide open, and think of all the things you can buy with your newfound money and space? Oh, that wasn’t the point. Perhaps the money saved up could be used for new experiences, travel, or a supplement on the rainy day fund.

If you’re into environmentalism, minimalism is a double benefit. Less pollution, less garbage, fewer resources being used around the world as a direct effect of your choices. There is also a good example to set to others once they see how well it’s working out for you. There are a lot of benefits you may not even be thinking of in the first place: saving money living in a smaller space, being able to move quickly and easily, or opting-out of the stress of comparison. The satisfaction would not be gained buying new things, but by self-improvement, which brings it to the last point.

Plenty more time for being more productive or time to relax. Fewer thoughts about things and buying things creates more time for doing things that really matter. Spending time with loved ones, exercising, being one with nature and going for hikes, meditation, visiting cultural institutions, instead of playing around on whatever new device or object you bought. Fulfillment is the ultimate name of the game, and minimalism is for those who don’t feel fulfilled in the typical consumerist game. We are all looking for ways to achieve happiness, try this one.